2020 KS2 SATs – Dates & Everything You Need To Know.

The dates for the KS2 SATs usually spread across a week. In 2020 the KS2 SATs dates are scheduled between Monday 11th May 2020 to Thursday 14th May 2020. Pupils will sit for six different tests Over this period, with English usually taking place at the beginning of the week and maths toward the end.

KS2 SATs Dates 2020 – Testing Period

11th May 2020 (Monday): Spelling, punctuation and grammar Test- Grammar/Punctuation- 45 minutes

11th May 2020 (Monday): Spelling, punctuation and grammar Test- Spelling- 20 minutes

12th May 2020(Tuesday): Reading Test- 60 minutes

13th May 2020(Wednesday): Arithmetic Maths Paper 1 – 30 minutes

13th May 2020(Wednesday): Reasoning Maths Paper 2 – 40 minutes

14th May 2020(Thursday): Reasoning Maths Paper 3 – 40 minutes

You can find the official press release on the national website.

What To Expect In The 2020 KS2 SATs Papers?

The Reading KS2 SATs:

  • The Reading KS2 SATs is a single 1-hour paper, with questions based on three different paragraphs of text.

The KS2 SPag SATs:

  • There is a 20-word aural spelling test – 15 minutes.
  • Also, there’s a written element which consists of a grammar and punctuation paper – 45 minutes.

The KS2 Maths SATs:

  • There will be three papers.
  • Paper 1 is 30 minutes of arithmetic paper.
  • 2 and 3 reasoning papers are 40-minute each.

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