How we train our tutors in Mathtuto

In MathTuto tutors typically hold a top-tier university degree in a maths-related subject or similar. During our recruitment and training process only those who achieve top marks are selected to teach. we’re so rigorous in our testing that only the top 20% of all applicants make it through.

After recruitment, all of our tutors go through intensive initial and on-going training designed by ex-Primary School teachers and aligned with the current National Curriculum.

  • Familiarity – MathTuto

Level 1. Planning: Preparing for your interview.
Level 2. Planning: Lesson structure.
Level 3. Delivering: Teaching with your online classroom.
Level 3. Interacting with adults.
Level 3. Planning: Using the platform to plan.
Level 3. Reporting: Accurate reporting on sessions.
Level 3. MathTuto Programmes.
Level 4. Delivering an effective session using chat mode.
Level 4. Delivering: Effective use of tools, workspace, learning aids.
Level 4. Delivering: Teaching another tutor’s student.

  • Language – MathTuto

Level 1. Articulation and Pronunciation.
Level 2. Clearly Explaining.
Level 4. Understanding students’ accents.

  • Reflection – MathTuto

Level 1. Tutor Mindset.
Level 4. Session Evaluation Format

  • Safeguarding – MathTuto

Level 3. Safeguarding & use of personal data.

  • Student Centred Teaching – MathTuto

Level 1. Introduction to Student Centred Teaching.
Level 2. Engagement and interaction.
Level 2. Growth Mindset.
Level 2. Introduction to assessment of learning
Level 2. Promoting student voice, autonomy and reflection.
Level 2. Student Centred Teaching: Student Success.
Level 3. Introduction to SEN.
Level 4. Assessment of learning: Greater Depth.
Level 4. Engagement: Dealing with disengagement.
Level 4. Growth Mindset: Greater Depth.
Level 4. Maths anxiety.
Level 4. Pace.
Level 4. Personalising learning.
Level 4. SEN: Greater depth.
Level 4. Student success: Greater depth.
Level 4. Use of online classroom to support engagement.

  • Subject Knowledge – MathTuto

Level 1. Addressing misconceptions.
Level 2. Teaching Mathematics in line with the UK curriculum.



This means our programme and methods of teaching are in line with your child’s teachers and school so you can be confident they are learning in a familiar way.