Frequently Asked Questions
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About MathTuto
Everything you need to know before subscribing to MathTuto.
What is MathTuto?

MathTuto is an online maths learning platform. It is created to support children aged 6-11 years old of all abilities.
You can decide to subscribe to any one of our core maths course depending on the age group and needs of your child, or one of our unique course during certain periods of the year, as an example, our SATs Maths Preparation course or Secondary School Prep course.
With every MathTuto Maths Programme subscription you will gain access to the:

– one-to-one weekly online tuition which’s tailored to your child’s needs
– National Curriculum based programme
– Assessments, Worksheets and quizzes
– Session reports

We will tailor each course by selecting your child’s year group, difficulty level, and length of the package.

Is it possible to try before I purchase?

Yes, it is possible! We offer cardless Free Trial.
You need to do is create a MathTuto Account and speak to one of our trained tutors, give your child a free testing maths session.

Is MathTuto based online?

Indeed, we’re based online, so you get the most affordable service, and your child gets to learn in an exciting learning environment which they will enjoy. Our online tutoring classroom will boost their computing skills too.

Is MathTuto available in my area?
Yes! As MathToto is online you can log in from anywhere in the world.
Is MathTuto right for my child?
Our Year 2 – Year 6 packages are personalised maths programmes for every type of learner. If your child is currently struggling with maths, we will tailor the content of the lessons to ensure they catch up and spend time on the areas that need the most focus. Similarly, if your child is exceeding expectations for their year group we will work with them on topics future year groups cover to keep them ahead of the class.

You can select your child’s ability and the difficulty of the sessions at account creation (after completing your subscription). Our maths level test, available at account creation, will help you to understand your child’s current maths level.

Our Year 7 programme is specially designed to cover the key topics that need to be secured from KS2 and introduce new KS3 topics that will be essential for success at secondary.

What do I need for a MathTuto Online Maths Lesson?
You will need a laptop or desktop computer, a good internet connection, and the most recent Google Chrome web browser downloaded. For the best experience, we recommend using a USB headset during the weekly tuition sessions. Your child may want to use a pen and paper for workings, especially during the warm-up and cool down activities. The only thing left to do is create an account, try us out, and then choose your subscription option! You can read more about our different programmes here.
How will I know if my child is making progress?

We will send a Mission report showing what was achieved in each session, allowing you to understand how your child progress with time. It will include lessons (content) and learning objectives (skills and knowledge) covered. Whether a topic has been learned for the first time, knowledge has been reinforced, or areas have been identified for further work in future sessions. You can also see your child’s engagement levels and their comments about the session.

How much MathTuto costs and how you can pay.
How much is MathTuto?

MathTuto wants to make it as easy as possible for you to experience our one to one maths tutoring program. Therefore offer everyone a free one-on-one session.

One-on-one maths tuition is the most valuable form of education a child can receive when it comes to all subjects, not just maths. Our goal aims to make high-quality, one-to-one math learning affordable for the parent and convenient for the student.

Join us and give it a try.

Go to out pricing section for the latest information

How do I pay?

When you sign up we will ask for your credit card details, we accept most major credit and debit cards (VISA, Master Card and American Express). 

What if I change my mind?

We won’t tie you to long contracts. If you’re not 100% happy, Shoot us an email at [email protected] so we can work with you to resolve any issues.

To cancel immediately, you can use the “Cancel my subscription” button within the online platform, or email us at [email protected]m and we will process your cancellation.

Any pending sessions in your subscription that are already paid for but not used will remain booked for you to use. All future payments will be cancelled. If you don’t have any pending sessions, or once you have used up your pending sessions, you will still have access to the Parent Portal and your child’s reports. However you will lose the access to the Maths Resource Library, to the weekly sessions and quizzes.

Online Safty
Making sure your child has a positive experience is our priority.
Learn more about our tutors and online classroom here.
Are your tutors background checked?

Yes. We personally interview and assess every tutor, perform criminal background checks and monitor and record sessions to ensure your child is in the safest of hands.

Are your tutors qualified?
Yes. Our tutors typically hold a top-tier university degree in a maths-related subject or similar. During our recruitment and training process only those who achieve top marks are selected to teach at MathTuto – and we’re so rigorous in our testing that only the top 20% of all applicants make it through.

After recruitment, all of our tutors go through intensive initial and on-going training designed by ex-Primary School teachers and aligned with the current National Curriculum. This means our programme and methods of teaching are in line with your child’s teachers and school so you can be confident they are learning in a familiar way.

How will my child and the tutor interact?
Our interactive online classrooms allow audio-only interaction which means the tutor and your child will not be able to see each other. This allows your child to focus on the content of the lessons without distraction, whilst remaining interactive. The focus is on children explaining their reasoning verbally, and demonstrating their workings using the classroom tools.
Will my child have the same tutor for each session in MathTuto?
We understand that building a relationship with a tutor can really impact on a child’s development. This is why we strive to secure the same tutor for every session. There may be occasions when we will need to change the tutor but will always notify you if this happens.

Technical Support
We’re here to make sure you have the best online experience
I’m having audio issues

If you have any audio problems when you enter the online classroom, there should be a number of messages on screen helping you to address the issue.

If you are in a live session and experiencing audio difficulties, please use the instant chat box in the online classroom to let the tutor know. Our tutors will try to help with any technical issues that arise, but if they are unable to solve the issue during the session, please get in touch with us via our support number.

These detailed steps may also help you to de-bug audio issues:


1) Check that the correct microphone is selected.

Click on the drop-down menu on the online classroom next to the ‘Connected’ button. Choose a different device.

2) Ensure your USB headset is the ‘Default device’

Right click on the volume button (the speaker icon) in the bottom right of your screen and click on ‘Recording devices.’ Look for the headset you are using.

Right click on the headset you are using and select ‘Set as default device.’ If any other devices are active, right click on these and click ‘Disable.’

If you want to reactivate any disabled devices afterwards, right click within this box and click ‘show disabled devices.’

3) Check your microphone levels

Right click on the volume button and click on ‘Recording devices,’ then select the headset you are using, click on ‘properties’ and select the ‘Levels’ tab from the new window.

Check that the microphone levels are set to the maximum. If there is a red cross over the speaker icon, this means your microphone is muted. Click on the cross to unmute it.

If your child tends to speak quietly, you can also use the ‘Microphone boost’ option to increase the volume.

If your headset has an inline remote, please ensure your headset is at full volume and not muted.

Mac OS X

1) Check that the correct microphone is selected.

Click on the dropdown menu on the online classroom next to the ‘Connected’ button. Choose a different device.

2) Ensure your USB headset is the ‘Default device’

Open System Preferences

Click the Sound icon

Click the Input tab and then click your headset

Click the Output tab and then click your headset

3) Check your microphone levels

Open System Preferences

Click the Sound icon

Click the Input tab and then click your headset

Check that the Input volume is turned up and that your microphone is not muted.