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Boost numeracy standards, Transform mindsets & accelerating
classroom performance with personalised Online Math Intervention Programmes.

MathHub Connects Global Talent With Students In The UK

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Why Schools choose MathHub

Too often, pupils think they can’t do maths. Their confidence is so low that they dare not engage with the subject. We reach these pupils to teach growth mindset & give personal, humanistic assistance that is so effective in heightening their confidence, performance fill numeracy gaps with Online Math Intervention Programmes.

We will develop your pupil’s maths and give you peace of mind.

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How our program works

The Teacher Choose targeted learning outcomes for each session

The Teacher

Choose targeted learning outcomes for each student so that each one-to-one session supports your differentiation strategies, KS1, KS2 progress, Y6 SATs, or all!

Tutor wearing a headphone to do Weekly 1-to-1 sessions

Weekly 1-to-1 sessions

Our tutor and the child communicate through our virtual classroom each week for 45 minutes.

Child-centred learning diagram with a student achieving the best results

Child-centred learning

The child is encouraged to verbalise their answers and the tutors’ award points for explanations.

Weekly report card showing student progress to teachers

Weekly reports for the teacher

Tutors provide individual feedback after each session, recommending the next steps.

Great for children & convenient for Teachers.

For the Pupil

  • Better performance

  • Develop confidence

  • Will love learning maths

  • Form a sense of success

For the teacher

  • Help more of your target pupils

  • Personalise teaching for each pupil

  • Stay updated with pupils progress

Everything is figureoutable

24/7 Maths Support

Get human help 24/7 (even at 3am)

Achieving confidence and success in maths

We understand how difficult it can be to support your child to succeed in maths.

Let us develop your child’s maths & give you peace of mind.

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